How I Captured The Beauty Of Bangkok

Going for a stroll in a new city is always full of fun, excitement and adventure! This is what I felt while walking through the streets and lanes of Bangkok – one of the most visited cities in the world. Whenever I get time I try to walk around and explore a new city. The following snaps were taken around Khaosan road, where I was staying during my trip to Bangkok. While walking I came across many beautiful buildings, colorful food stalls and coffee shops and bars bustling with people. The more you walk, the more you get to know a place and its people. All the images have been taken with a Honor 9i.












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15 thoughts on “How I Captured The Beauty Of Bangkok

  1. Great post Deepak. Its lovely place and great perspectives from you there. Khaosan is very entertaining and eventful place. Having just returned from Thailand all your photos are so refreshing to me. If you have time check my blog posts on Thailand.

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  2. Last time I was in Bangkok I kept taking photos of the shop windows with all of the little porcelain waving kitties (Maneki Neko??). I went over the photos from the trip and saw just how many I had taken. It was kinda alarming, if not funny. 😉 When I think of Bangkok I think of the little jasmine scented cool towels you can buy to help the heat feel tolerable. That and I went and got a traditional tattoo from Arjan Noo. Ahh Thailand : ) And fruit!! There was just so many types of wonderful fruits with names I cannot pronounce or remember. Mmmmm Bringing back the memories like a flood.

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