Veerabhadra Temple – India’s Pride

My wish to visit Lepakshi’s famous Veerabhadra Temple and explore its architectural beauty has come true! I managed to visit the place during my recent rip to Bengaluru.






Words will not be enough to describe the stunning 16th century temple, which is just 140km from Bengaluru. I was enthralled by the huge temple complex and its architectural splendors. Dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra, the temple could be divided in three main parts – Mukha mantapa, arda mantapa and the garbhagriha. The Vijayanagara architectural style is quite visible on the temple.



And one can clearly notice carvings and paintings at almost every part of the temple.







One of the most attractive features of the temple is a massive monolith structure of Nagalinga. Overall, the whole temple is a masterpiece.


How I reached the place: I took a city bus from Gunjur Pallaya (where I was staying) to Kempegowda Bus Station. It took me around 1 hour and 15 minutes. From Kempegowda, I took another bus to Hindupur. The bus journey was approximately 3 and half hour journey. From Hindupur, I boarded another bus to reach the temple. So basically it was a one day trip from Bengaluru.


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Western Digital’s My Cloud Home



WD has come up with their latest product – My Cloud Home Duo, which the company claims consumers can access it anywhere in the world.


Thanks to My Cloud Home Duo, one can set up personal cloud storage for all your invaluable data at home.

The device is best suited for those who were looking for a safe and sufficient storage of their precious images and videos.

The device is very easy to install. WD has designed and developed the device in various variants ranging from 2TB to 16TB.


The ‘My Cloud Home Duo’ has two drives and each drive contains your data.

How does it work?

Plug the device into a Wi-Fi router, then open the Mycloud website. A basic smartphone is enough to start the process. If you have MyCloud account then simply sign in to proceed. What you need is an internet connection. Your mobile is the center of the My Cloud Home experience.

Then using the Windows file explorer or with the My Cloud Home mobile app you can easily drag and drop your files onto your cloud space.

Users can share, access, and enjoy all their data from anywhere in the world with the help of My Cloud Home mobile app.


Salient features of the device:

Keep your favorite folders from your PC and Mac computers in continuous sync with the My Cloud Home device.

Stream your personal videos anywhere, on any device, using the My Cloud Home mobile and desktop app or

My Cloud Home Duo is equipped with two hard drives and is set to Mirror Mode, so all your photos, videos and files are stored on one drive and automatically duplicated onto the second drive for extra peace of mind.

The data you save in this device are stored in both the drives of the device, hence giving you a strong back up for your stored items.


Technical Specifications

The device supports computers and laptops compatible with Windows 7 (64-bit only) or later and Mac OS X v10.10 or later.

The device also supports mobiles hat are compatible with iOS 9+ and Android 4.4+. Requires a router and internet connection.

My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo – Dimensions

My Cloud Home Capacities

2TB – 8TB

My Cloud Home Duo Capacities

4TB – 16TB


(1) Gigabit Ethernet

My Cloud Home – (1) USB port for importing

My Cloud Home Duo – (2) USB ports for importing

Final Verdict: The eye-catching design and simple set up is more likely to impress the consumers to buy this device. Considering its decent performance and easy set-up, My Cloud Home Duo is recommended for people those who prefer more personal storage.