Show Respect & Preserve Goa’s Heritage

Recently, I was reading an article on how photographers and Instagrammers are ruining Panjim’s famous Fontainhas, ignoring locals’ requests not to disturb them. This reminded me of my own trip to Panjim, where I saw hundreds of photographers armed with their mobiles and DSLRs creating a nuisance for local residents in the beautiful Fontainhas area. In our fun moment, we conveniently ignore that our actions might go against the culture and way of life of the locals. What kind of pleasure do people get by ignoring local people’s requests? Even a “no photography” request sign fails to deter the tourists. I myself
have witnessed it. We should always respect the local people and their culture while on our trips.

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Because Experiences Matter !!!

Lots of people suggested me to visit Panjim’s Joseph Bar. It was early morning and the staff was not interested in me. They might have figured out this guy won’t spend much here. And I too realized this is not my kind of place. So I ordered a beer, finished it quickly and left the place after clicking few images. The interior part of the bar was very impressive. Soon I reached a hole-in-the-mole bar (since 1976). Ordered a beer and started conversation with the owner of the bar. When I asked him why people recommended Joseph Bar ? He just smiled. He told me It is crazy. All most all the tourists spend money there. Don’t we have a right to survive, he asked me ? My answer was – of course, yes, that’s why I am here. Ordered another beer with some snack. After spending around one hour I left for my room.

Have you been to Joseph Bar ?

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Win A Trip To Rajasthan

Win a trip to Rajasthan, courtesy, one of India’s largest travel communities.

The year-end contest is only for Indian residents.


1) Camp Near a Tiger Reserve Surrounded by Prehistoric Boulders.
2) Experience Off-Roading, Gyptian Rides & Camping Under the Stars in Rajasthanโ€™s Sand Dunes.
3) Bond with Indigenous Marwari Horses and Live like Royalty in a 17th Century Fort.

You can read more about the contest here

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Exploring Ladakh With A Local Guide

Ladakh is no more a hidden gem. Millions of images are all over the Internet. When I was there I had no option but to approach a local travel agency to arrange a trip for Ladakh sightseeing. Why an agency? The reason is pretty simple. I do not know how to drive a bike, which is necessary if you want to explore this paradise by yourself. A guy gave me his number and told me that he can take me to a number of places at a discounted price. I trusted his words. Yes, not only he took me to a number of captivating places, but also briefed me about those places as a guide. One of those places is Sangam, which is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar Rivers. Located 35km from Leh in Nimmu, this confluence provides a fabulous view. Zanskar river, which comes from Zanskar valley of Ladakh, meets the Indus river at Nimmu. Enjoy a few snaps which I have clicked with my Canon 750D. Isn’t this place spectacular?

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Once Upon A Time In Kerala

It was the year 2009 when I made an impromptu trip to Kerala. Traveled to few places including Alappuzha and Kumarakom. The following pictures were taken from Kumarakom. The owner of my guest house asked his children to take me to a secluded place, where I clicked these mesmerizing pictures. I was lucky to have witnessed such a dramatic sky. Beautiful memory!

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Goa’s Gorgeous Butterfly Beach

It was my birthday and I wanted to explore a lesser-known beach of Goa. A tea-stall owner, who served me copious amount of tea in the morning, suggested me to visit Butterfly beach, which I instantly accepted. Some fisherman in Agonda offered to take me around that beach for a sum of Rs2,000, which I politely declined. My good Samaritan, the tea-stall owner, guided me to reach that place. It was May – a typical hot and humid Goan weather.

IMG_9960 (2)

I rented a scooter and set off my journey towards the beach. After driving 1-2 kilometres on a deserted stretch with no one in sight except vast forests as company, I began to have fear of losing my way and exactly that happened. I lost my path. With no sign boards and people to assist in finding direction, this was bound to happen.

IMG_9945 (2)

The roads were terrible. While randomly driving, I saw a jeep full of people. I told them about my destination and sought their help in finding my way. They happily asked me to follow them, as they too were heading towards the same beach.

IMG_9923 (2)

IMG_9953 (2)

IMG_9943 (2)

IMG_9938 (2)

After driving few kilometres I finally reached the beach. The turquoise water quickly erased my pain caused due to my tortuous drive to the beach. Other than me there were couple of travelers, who soon left the area. I was left all alone, lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun, which was nothing less than pure bliss. After spending around 1-1/2 hours, I left the place. While returning I took a wrong turn and again lost the path. However, somehow I managed to reach my hotel.

IMG_9934 (2)

IMG_9932 (2)

IMG_9931 (2)

IMG_9929 (2)

IMG_9923 (2)

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A Quick Getaway To Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is known for its enchanting beauty. I completely fell in love with the place during my short trip in September. You can either hire a bicycle or motorbike to explore the place but I covered most of the tourists spots by walking as the weather was pleasant. Due to off season the places were not swarmed with tourists and their large selfie-sticks, which helped me enjoy the place without any deviations.
In Fort Kochi, I stayed in Crystal Maze Homestay which I highly recommend to include in your itinerary. But for those who are planning to pick some local artifacts I suggest not to visit in September as most of the shops were closed due to off season.


A colorful school in the heart of Fort Kochi


The museum was closed on the occasion of Onam.



Spend some time at the fish market.


Make sure you visit both the temple and the museum. It is really worth it.



Kochi’s famous Chinese fishing nets.



Spotted this vibrant hotel in Fort Kochi.



Dutch Cemetery





You should include this in your itinerary. Highly recommended.



Jewish Synagogue in Mattancherry


I skipped many other tourist spots due to lack of time. Hopefully, next time I will be able to cover them all.

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Fort Kochi – An Explosion Of Color

My trip to Fort Kochi was short and quick, but enough to completely blew my mind with beautiful surroundings, cute cafes, colorful buildings and vibrant street arts. It was Onam and most of the shops were closed. Yet, I had my share of fun. Every nook and corner you will spot quirky colorful paintings. The following images might give you an idea how vibrant the place is.
















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How To Spend Few Hours At Goa’s Cabo De Rama Fort


My Goa sojourn took me to another destination – the Cabo De Rama Fort, which has been held by various rulers in the past.
Situated at Canacona taluka in southern Goa, this place is a major attraction for tourists.
The fort is surrounded by a moat and gatehouse. One can notice big and rusty cannons lying there. This fort also has a small chapel, which is still visited by devotees. When I reached the place I did not find a single tourist. The best part of this place is one can enjoy spectacular views of the Arabian sea from the western side of the fortress.

One can easily reach this place by either hiring a car or taxi. I used a motorbike to reach this place from Agonda.

You can read more about this fort here
















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