Exploring Galle Fort: Part 2


Galle Fort is replete with cute cafes, colorful houses and lots of boutiques. One can easily cover the whole Galle Fort on foot. I managed to cover almost 80% of this area on foot, capturing the beauty of this picturesque town. From Lighthouse to famous All Saints’ Church, Galle managed to impress me with its rich history. In every corner of the street, one can spot either a charming building or a cafe. Galle must be included in your Sri Lanka itinerary.









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One Day In Bentota

Bentota – a small resort town located in Sri Lanka – woos a large number of tourists from all parts of the globe. Pristine beach and watersports activities are the major attractions for the tourists visiting this place.




Situated just 65 kilometer away from South of Colombo, Bentota’s clean and quiet environment were the main factors that motivated me to visit this place. My brief one day visit was enough to explore this tiny town. It was off season when I landed in Bentota. As expected I found a handful of tourists, relaxing on the beach.



Soon after deboarding the train, I had a brief conversation with a local guy, who guided me to a villa. The tidy vila, owned by a couple, was quite impressive from inside. To my surprise, I was the only guest staying at their villa.


During my stay in Bentota, I spent most of the time on the beach and looking at the waves, which were crashing on the shores. Adding further joy to my journey to this place were some chilled local beer, fresh air and quiet environment.

If you are coming from Colombo, then I would strongly recommend you to board a train.

I guess it took around one hour to reach Bentota from the national capital. Train journeys in Sri Lanka are quite enjoyable. If you make a visit in off season, you will get plenty of accommodations at cheap prices. If you are making a trip between October-March then be prepared to pay more.




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Whale Watching In Sri Lanka

Seeing gigantic blue whales is always exciting!
I too wanted to feel that excitement at least once in my life.  And that moment finally arrived when I saw couple of them in the middle of the Indian Ocean. During my recent trip to Sri Lanka, I booked a whale watching trip with a tour operator called ‘Raja & the Whales’ .




Together with a group of 15 people, my journey set off from the harbor of Mirissa.


We were desperately waiting to catch a glimpse of the world’s most fascinating creature. After traveling few kilometers into the middle of the Indian Ocean, we did not see anything. The only thing that we saw was just incredible bluish water and few cargo ships.






Sticking with the famous saying “Patience is key to success”, we decided to sit patiently for few more hours with a hope of catching a glimpse of a whale. And suddenly our guide called us. It was hard to believe that finally I saw them. To be honest, they were huge in size, equivalent to the length of a Boeing.






We saw two blue whales – one mother and her baby. My joy did not end here. While returning, we also saw a pod of Bottlenose dolphins, jumping and swimming in the water. It was an absolutely exhilarating experience which I will cherish forever in my life.





Tips about whale watching: Though whales are found in many parts of Sri Lanka, tourists prefer to start their journeys from Mirissa harbor. A pair of binoculars and a zooms lens is a must if you look forward to a more exciting whale watching experience. There is a strong possibility that you may become a victim of sea sickness. Better take a pill before jumping into the boat. Mirissa is well connected to major Sri Lankan towns and cities. Buses are frequently available to reach this destination.

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A Postcard From Indonesia

IMG_0345I am close to nature and nature is close to me. I captured this mountain while holidaying in Indonesia’s idyllic Flores Island.

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Indonesia’s Famous Caci Dance


What comes to your mind when you think of Indonesia? Pristine beaches and crystal clear water?  Well Indonesia is not all about awesome beaches, its rich tradition and culture make it even more alluring to travelers.

So let me introduce you Indonesia’s traditional caci dance, a ritual whip fight, which exists among the Manggarai people.



The dance performance is carried out by two male fighters, one of them come from another village to participate in the fight. Armed with whip, shield, masks, and sticks, these fighters show their skill amidst  shouting from spectators, who encourage them to show more lively performance.










The fighters’ performance depict philosophical values of the Manggarai community.

It is generally performed to celebrate top events such as welcoming an honor-guest and wedding party.

The trip was sponsored by OM Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia.  Thank you !




Why Taiwan Is Ideal Destination For Female Travellers

Although small in size, Taiwan is a progressive country when it comes to gender issues (it even has a new female president who came to power in May 2016). The locals are warm, friendly, and extremely hospitable people, who are always more than willing to ensure you have a safe and memorable trip. In recent years, this underrated country has slowly become a new hotspot for solo female travelers. Here’s why:

Safety: Taiwan is ranked 3rd amongst the top 10 safest Asian countries for female travelers. Street signs and public transportation all have names in English and even though the crime rate is low, the metro system has “Safe Waiting Zones” closely monitored by video feed, to protect female passengers at night.

Culture: As a country whose top religions are Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, Taiwan is by far one of Asia’s safest places for female travelers to explore. The country practices tolerance towards all humans, making it easy to feel safe while hiking through the jungles or even when roaming the bustling night markets.

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