Exploring Ladakh With A Local Guide

Ladakh is no more a hidden gem. Millions of images are all over the Internet. When I was there I had no option but to approach a local travel agency to arrange a trip for Ladakh sightseeing. Why an agency? The reason is pretty simple. I do not know how to drive a bike, which is necessary if you want to explore this paradise by yourself. A guy gave me his number and told me that he can take me to a number of places at a discounted price. I trusted his words. Yes, not only he took me to a number of captivating places, but also briefed me about those places as a guide. One of those places is Sangam, which is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar Rivers. Located 35km from Leh in Nimmu, this confluence provides a fabulous view. Zanskar river, which comes from Zanskar valley of Ladakh, meets the Indus river at Nimmu. Enjoy a few snaps which I have clicked with my Canon 750D. Isn’t this place spectacular?

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