Sandamuni Pagoda – A White Beauty

A visit to Sandamuni Pagoda in Myanmar was always part of my travel itinerary. Situated at the southwest of Mandalay Hill, this breathtaking Buddhist stupa was commissioned by King Mindon Min in 1874.

This pagoda contains the graves of the Kanaung, Sagu Mintha, Malun, and Maingpyin Princes.

It also contains an iron image of the Buddha cast by Bodawpaya in 1802, and removed from Amarapura by Mindon in 1874. The total weight of the statue is 18,563.2kg.

The golden chedi is the oldest structure on the grounds. It was constructed in 1874 by King Mindon Min on the site of his temporary Palace.

There are 1,774 shrines, each containing a single marble slab.

Keep aside a minimum of one hour for this pagoda and observe minutely how it has been built. Really a great spot for photography.

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Streets Of Mandalay

I am posting here few more images of Mandalay, where I spent four beautiful days. In my previous posts, I have already shared how you can enjoy this pretty city, which is full of vibrant pagodas. Just scroll down and search “Myanmar” on the site and you can find a lot of articles and photo essays.

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How To Explore Mandalay’s Impressive Monasteries

Some of Mandalay’s best known pagodas are situated close to each other, which I was not aware of.

I hired a local guy to show me some of the well-known monuments in the area, but later on I realized that if I knew how to drive, I could have easily explored the place without any assistance.

One of the monuments, which we saw was Shwenandaw Monastery.



It’s impressive architectural beauty blew my mind. Built in 1878 by King Thibaw Min, this monastery is best known for its teak carvings of Buddhist myths.


The traditional Burmese architectural style is quite pervasive in the monastery, which is also known as Golden Palace Monastery, because it used to be a part of the Mandalay Royal Palace.







After Shwenandaw, we moved to Atumashi Monastery, which was built in 1857 by King Mindon at a cost of 500,000 rupees.








Considered to be one of Southeast Asia’s most impressive buildings, the monastery is surrounded by five graduated rectangular terraces.

The Atumashi Kyaung is located near the Kuthodaw Pagoda.

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Streets Of Mandalay – A Photo Essay

During my Mandalay sojourn I came across many interesting objects. Be it hotel or clock tower, they impressed me with their simplicity. Have you been to Mandalay ? I really liked the city, thank to its stunning pagodas, temples, monastery and local food.


A simple yet pretty hotel in downtown Mandalay













Mandalay’s famous clock tower


The more you walk, the more you see. The more you see, the more you capture …







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Mandalay Palace – Simply Magnificent

Mandalay Palace – one of Mandalay’s major tourist spots that you cannot stop yourself from visiting. Barring some exceptions like huge crowds, the palace stands tall before the expectations of the people visiting for the first time. I was completely blown away by the sheer beauty of this place.




Built between 1857 and 1859, this massive compound used to be the main royal residence of King Mindon and King Thibaw – the last two kings of Myanmar.


These historical palace grounds are quite big in size. Surrounded by a moat, the palace is at the center of the citadel and faces east.


The 413-hectare royal palace compound has many buildings and other marvelous structures, including the MayNanPyathat building and the HmanNan Building.



Apart from the Royal Mint and the Watch Tower, a major part of the palace was damaged during the World War II. The whole complex is surrounded by four big walls which are 60 meters in width, two kilometers in length, eight meters in height, and three meters in thickness.


The palace has a total of 12 gates which represent 12 zodiacal signs.







Few things to remember before exploring the place. The ticket, which you buy at the entrance of the place, should be kept safely as it can allow you to visit other nearby historical places. So don’t lose it. It was easy for me to explore this place on foot as I was staying in a nearby hostel. I was completely exhausted after exploring every part of this palace. If I remember correctly, I spent around two hours there. I will write more about my Mandalay sojourn soon.

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U Bein Bridge – Unique & Charming


There are numerous things to see in Mandalay and its adjacent areas. During a short trip to Mandalay I decided to explore famous U Bein Bridge. Built around 1850, this 1.2 kilometer bridge is said to be the world’s oldest teakwood bridge. As this place becomes over-crowded during morning and evening, I decided a different time slot i.e 3-4pm. To my surprise, I still saw a lot of people on the bridge.





Surrounded by beautiful Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura, the foot bridge is named after the mayor who had built it.

Visiting this place during sunset and sunrise could be a serene experience, but I deliberately skipped it as I didn’t want to encounter with sea of people. One of my hostel mate told me how he could not even put his steps on the bridge in the evening due to massive crowd. Eventually, he left the place without fully exploring it.







This place has peaceful atmosphere which I really liked. Make sure to include it in your itinerary when you visit Mandalay. Apart from the bridge, one can also explore nearby villages and temples. If you wish you can also take a boat ride in the lake.

How did I reach the place? : There are many ways to reach the bridge. You can either hire a taxi or motorbike taxi to reach this place. It is not faraway from the downtown Mandalay.

I used a pick up truck from 84th / 29th street intersection. It dropped me somewhere on the mainroad of Amarapura. I paid only Kyat1000. From there the bridge is approximately 4km. At one point, I thought of hitchhiking but later dropped the plan and decided to take a walk.

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How I Crossed Myanmar Via India Border

Although I crossed the international boundaries but I was bounded by the limitation of time. As I had a few days of my leisure time on my hands, I decided to explore Myanmar’s Mandalay. Following my extensive research on Internet, I came to know that one can easily venture into Myanmar via Moreh-Tamu border.

So I booked a flight from Delhi to Imphal via Gauhati. Upon landing I drove into Moreh parking zone, where one can find a number of taxis. It was 1.30pm and I was in hurry to reach the Indo-Myanmar border as it shuts around 6PM. After talking to few people, I agreed to pay Rs1,500 to a taxi guy, who promised me to take to Moreh border. Despite my protest, the guy picked up two more people. Never mind. Things happen. The journey was not smooth. A lot of renovation work was going on the main highway. Besides, the Army was checking every vehicle which were heading towards Moreh. So be prepared to show your ID whenever they ask. No argument, nothing. Just show you ID. After four-hour of journey, the taxi guy dropped me at Gate number 2 of Moreh. However, the security guard told me to immediately go to Gate number 1. So I quickly hired an auto and asked the driver to drop me at Gate number 1. From Gate number 2 to Gate number 1 it was approximately a distance of 1km. I asked the auto guy to wait for me at the Gate number 1. A security guy noted down my passport number and visa number. Then he told me to visit the immigration department quickly. The auto guy knew the route and dropped me at the immigration department. From Gate number 1 to the immigration department it was 1km journey. So if you want to walk, you can. But I was tired. So I requested the auto guy to take me to the immigration department. Within 10 minutes, everything is done. Voila !

Then I crossed a bridge and reached the border of Myanmar. Upon reaching I filled a form at the immigration department of Myanmar. And after few minutes I got stamp on my passport. It was 5.30pm. One guy approached me to take me to Tamu town for Rs100. I agreed to his request. It was approximately 3km journey. To be continued…





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Myanmar Through My Eyes

During a short trip to Myanmar’s Mandalay, I clicked hundreds of images. I reached Mandalay via Moreh-Tamu border. Soon, I will write more about my Mandalay sojourn. Till then enjoy my colorful snaps.












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