Because Experiences Matter !!!

Lots of people suggested me to visit Panjim’s Joseph Bar. It was early morning and the staff was not interested in me. They might have figured out this guy won’t spend much here. And I too realized this is not my kind of place. So I ordered a beer, finished it quickly and left the place after clicking few images. The interior part of the bar was very impressive. Soon I reached a hole-in-the-mole bar (since 1976). Ordered a beer and started conversation with the owner of the bar. When I asked him why people recommended Joseph Bar ? He just smiled. He told me It is crazy. All most all the tourists spend money there. Don’t we have a right to survive, he asked me ? My answer was – of course, yes, that’s why I am here. Ordered another beer with some snack. After spending around one hour I left for my room.

Have you been to Joseph Bar ?

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