Why Taiwan Is Ideal Destination For Female Travellers

Although small in size, Taiwan is a progressive country when it comes to gender issues (it even has a new female president who came to power in May 2016). The locals are warm, friendly, and extremely hospitable people, who are always more than willing to ensure you have a safe and memorable trip. In recent years, this underrated country has slowly become a new hotspot for solo female travelers. Here’s why:

Safety: Taiwan is ranked 3rd amongst the top 10 safest Asian countries for female travelers. Street signs and public transportation all have names in English and even though the crime rate is low, the metro system has “Safe Waiting Zones” closely monitored by video feed, to protect female passengers at night.

Culture: As a country whose top religions are Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, Taiwan is by far one of Asia’s safest places for female travelers to explore. The country practices tolerance towards all humans, making it easy to feel safe while hiking through the jungles or even when roaming the bustling night markets.

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