Exploring Ladakh With A Local Guide

Ladakh is no more a hidden gem. Millions of images are all over the Internet. When I was there I had no option but to approach a local travel agency to arrange a trip for Ladakh sightseeing. Why an agency? The reason is pretty simple. I do not know how to drive a bike, which is necessary if you want to explore this paradise by yourself. A guy gave me his number and told me that he can take me to a number of places at a discounted price. I trusted his words. Yes, not only he took me to a number of captivating places, but also briefed me about those places as a guide. One of those places is Sangam, which is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar Rivers. Located 35km from Leh in Nimmu, this confluence provides a fabulous view. Zanskar river, which comes from Zanskar valley of Ladakh, meets the Indus river at Nimmu. Enjoy a few snaps which I have clicked with my Canon 750D. Isn’t this place spectacular?

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One Day Stay At Horcho Guest House: Spacious, Nice & Clean

Staying at a homestay is the best way to explore local culture and cuisine. During a recent trip to Ladakh’s Nubra Valley, me and my friends decided to stay at Horcho Guest House, located in Hunder. Surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forest, this is a perfect place to spend some quality time there. It was a pleasure to behold the whole area. This is what I felt after just one day stay. A variety of colorful flowers will welcome you when you enter the guesthouse. The owner of the guesthouse told me that he has turned this into a homestay so that travelers get an authentic experience. He has also cultivated variety of vegetables ranging from cauliflowers to pea around his home. One can freely enjoy the surrounding areas which are filled with streams and forests. I woke up early morning and decided to take a long walk. The chirping of birds and the gentle stream sounds made me more than happy. It was a perfect journey, which left great memories.

Rooms are clean and tariffs start from Rs1,000.

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