Crossing The Border – From Thailand To Laos

My Laos sojourn began with a border crossing. The journey wasn’t smooth, but it was enjoyable – I loved it! After landing at Bangkok Airport, I spent one night at a small hotel, close to the airport. The next morning, I hired a taxi and used metro to reach Mo Chit Bus terminal. I immediately booked a ticket for Nong Khai – the Thai border town.
After leaving Bangkok city, a heavy downpour welcomed me. After all, it was the rainy season in Thailand (August). After reaching Udon Thani, the bus conductor told us to change to another bus for Nong Khai. It was close to 10:30pm and I was completely exhausted. Again I quickly booked a hotel close to Udon Thani bus station. Around 9am, I left for Nong Khai via a minivan; it took only an hour before arriving at the border. I rushed to the immigration department. The process was very quick; all you have to do is hand over your passport at immigration offices before proceeding into Laos without any hassle whatsoever!
After coming out of the office, the first thing I did was book a bus ticket because you can’t walk across the Thai-Lao Friendship bridge. After a few minutes, we reached Laos border and handed over my passport along with my e-visa (one can also opt for visa on arrival facility). With-in 5 minutes, I left the place with my passport. After walking a few meters, I found a bus heading to Vientiane. The price of the ticket was incredibly cheap! I had already bought some Kyat (Laos currency) at the border. And the journey continued…

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PS: I would like to thank experienced traveler Mr. Pritam Pandit for providing useful tips.


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