Buddha Park – Unusual Yet Enchanting

It was hot and humid. One of the key reasons why I did not find many tourists in the Buddha Park (also known as Xieng Khuan), an unusual yet enchanting place, located about 25km outside of the capital Vientiane on the mighty river Mekong.
Before my arrival in Laos, I had already included the park in my itinerary and I was glad I made it.
Xieng Khuan means Spirit City. The park is home to more than 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues. The park has also numerous flora and fauna.
This park was built in 1958 by an alleged priest-shaman called Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat. This park has now become a major tourist attraction in Laos. Many consider it a holy place, which contains statues of bizarre demons, humans, and mythological creatures.
Give at least one hour to this park, which you can visit by bus, tuktuk, or taxi. However, I used a bus from the Talat Sao bus station. The bus will drop you in front of the park and it will cost you only USD3. And you can return to the city by using the same bus. Inside the park, one can find small restaurants. It is advisable to bring a water bottle along with you. If you have any questions related to this park, please feel free to ask me.


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Interesting Places Of Kanchanaburi

My visit to Kanchanaburi was short yet memorable. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai, Kanchanaburi has many interesting places to explore only if you have time. As I ran short of time, I could visit only two places of interest (apart from Erawan National Park) – the Bridge over the River Kwai and Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.


The Bridge over the River Kwai is hugely popular among visitors. The Bridge over the Mae Klong was part of the Death Railway. It was built by the Japanese during WWII with the help of prisoners and slave laborers. Japan built the Burma Railway (also known as the Death Railway) to support its forces in the Burma campaign of WWII.






Kanchanaburi War Cemetery was another place which I explored on foot as it was close to my guesthouse. It was dedicated to victims of Japanese imprisonment while building the Burma Railway. It was designed by Colin St Clair Oakes. More than 6,000 prisoners of war are buried there. The place makes you realize the dark side of history.





But don’t forget to visit Kanchanburi’s most tourist spot Erawan National Park

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My Tryst With Mountains Of Ladakh – Part 2

I had already published a photo-essay on the stunning mountains of Ladakh. Now another set of images of I would like to share with my beloved readers. They have been taken at various locations of  Ladakh. The sheer beauty of mother nature will definitely blow your minds.












These are low-resolution images. For high-resolution images you can contact me at photographybydeepak@gmail.com.

I used Photoscape to edit these pictures.

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This Is How Cola Beach Stole My Heart

Goa’s Agonda beach has been favorite among locals as well as tourists since long. In fact it has been adjudged as one of the best beaches in Asia. But if you ask me, I would say Cola is more beautiful. That being said, I believe experiences are purely subjective.






Cola is not far away from Agonda and there are many ways to reach this magnificent beach.  And the most simple way is – follow the signboards:)


I visited Cola during the off season, and no wonder I could see only a handful of people on the beach. It was hot and sunny, but that’s OK for me, I could still have a wonderful time. With nobody around me, I just lay down on the beach and let myself soak up the serene environment and gaze the endless bluish sky.
The magnificent beach can be divided into two parts – North Cola and South Cola. North mainly draws tourists because of its beautiful lagoon. Trees and hills make this beach more beautiful. I did not find any high-end hotel there, only few beach shacks. Small hotels and tented accommodation are also available for the tourists. Overall, I had a great time being there and aim to re-visit the place in future. And lastly, if I have to describe the beauty of Cola in two words, I would say – Pristine and Perfect!








Camera – Canon 750D

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