A Photo Essay On Pangong Tso

Like many travelers, I too made a trip to Pangong Tso, one of the most beautiful and enchanting lakes in India. I always wanted to photograph this place after seeing numerous snaps on Internet. After a lot of negotiation with a couple of travel agencies in Leh, I finally found two couples, who agreed to travel with me. We hired a Xylo and luckily we got a good driver. After several hours of journey, we reached our destination. I took a deep breath and started clicking pictures of this breathtaking lake, which is surrounded by barren yet dramatic mountains. I stayed at a small homestay, while my friends preferred tents. The owner of the homestay shared many interesting stories about lake, business, daily life and visitors over a cup of tea. Now I will let you to enjoy the snaps.










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15 thoughts on “A Photo Essay On Pangong Tso

  1. these are some really beautiful photos.. the peace and serenity is visible so clearly in each and every photo.
    But second form the bottom is just tells the whole story in one look…. most gorgeous one…

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Thank you for liking “Happy Autumn.” Wonderful landscape photos! I like the water reflection in the third photo and the way the light filters through the clouds in the second to the last image.


  3. You have managed to capture the beauty of this lake perfectly! And I’m sure you have learned some really interesting stories by interacting with the homestay owner, would love to read them.

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