Sandamuni Pagoda – A White Beauty

A visit to Sandamuni Pagoda in Myanmar was always part of my travel itinerary. Situated at the southwest of Mandalay Hill, this breathtaking Buddhist stupa was commissioned by King Mindon Min in 1874.

This pagoda contains the graves of the Kanaung, Sagu Mintha, Malun, and Maingpyin Princes.

It also contains an iron image of the Buddha cast by Bodawpaya in 1802, and removed from Amarapura by Mindon in 1874. The total weight of the statue is 18,563.2kg.

The golden chedi is the oldest structure on the grounds. It was constructed in 1874 by King Mindon Min on the site of his temporary Palace.

There are 1,774 shrines, each containing a single marble slab.

Keep aside a minimum of one hour for this pagoda and observe minutely how it has been built. Really a great spot for photography.

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