A Photo Essay On Kyrgyzstan

Reminiscing my earlier travel to Kyrgyzstan, where I spent only four days due to my hectic schedule. Notwithstanding, I managed to click hundreds of images, be it Issyk-Kul lake or capital Bishkek. Quite a cheap destination to explore. Russian is widely spoken. So it is better to learn few basic Russian words before travelling to this Central Asian country. Try to give at least 10 days to this beautiful country.

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Pure, Raw & Unique; Welcome To Issyk-Kul Lake

Kyrgyzstan was never on my wish list.

But one fine day I stumbled upon an article on social media and started gathering information about this tiny Central Asian nation. And surprisingly I found that this place was full of hidden gems. Looking for a place of solitude РIssyk-Kul lake will surely impress you with its spellbound beauty.



A five-hour journey away from the capital Bishkek, this lake is situated in the northern Tian Shan mountains in eastern Kyrgyzstan.
Considered as the 10th largest lake in the world by volume, this beautiful lake is surround by snow-capped peaks.
One of the unique specialties of this lake is that it never gets freezes even when the entire country gets covered with deep snow in the winter.




Located at an altitude of 1,607 meters, this lake stretches to a length of 182 kilometers.
Widely known as ‚ÄúThe Pearl of Central Asia”, the color of the lake changes from green to blue-ish turquoise, as per the positioning of the sun and the time of the day.
Over a period of time, this lake – probably the most attractive tourist spots of the country – has become quite popular among foreign and local tourists alike.
It also offers plenty of water sports for tourists – ranging from Jet Skiing to Banana Tube Boat Ride.
One can stay at beautiful villas, which can be booked only through local travel agencies in Bishkek.


I got my tickets through http://caesar.kg/.
The whole apartment is available for over USD 300 in June and July while the price could come down at the end of September.
Tourists are also allowed to cook their food inside their apartments. However, the tourist need to inform the agency in advance regarding this.


Alternately, you can have your food outside the resort.
A restaurant is also there inside the resort.
The best time to visit this place is between May to September.
If you want to run away from your busy life to a reclusive place then this is the place to be !




Get Lost In Ala Archa National Park – Kyrgyzstan

Ala Archa National Park is a perfect place for refreshing yourself from your hectic city life.
It offers nature in its purest form.¬†Located 40km south of Bishkek, this park is quite popular among foreign tourists and locals alike. Activities like hiking and trekking lures a large number of tourists all over the world.¬†The 200 square kilometers park is home to many small and large glaciers as well as mountain peaks. The park, which is surrounded by a large number of plants,¬†also includes the gorge of the Ala-Archa River. If you are a fan of hiking and trekking, then don’t miss the beauty of the park.¬†There are many tourists operators in Bishkek who can arrange a short tip to this park.











Bishkek – An Unusual Destination

At the outset, you may feel that Bishkek is an insipid city with nothing much to offer. When I reached Bishkek, the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan, major renovation work was going on almost everywhere. I cursed myself for choosing this city over others. But as I explored more I found that Bishkek has a lot to offer its visitors.



Ala-Too Square




Tower with Chimes

Perched on the Tien Shan mountain range in the Chui Valley, Bishkek is home to some stunning monuments and statues. Perhaps this is the best part of this city. Wherever you go, you can spot a monument.


Monument to Those Who Died For Freedom


Aykol Manas (Magnanimous Manas). Ala-Too square.


A monument to the Fighters of the Revolution (Chui-Soviet avenue)


Kojomkul, Baatyr Kaba uluu (1888-1955). The monument was created at the Palace of Sports in 2004. Kojomkul was considered a legendary warrior of Kyrgyzstan.




Monument of Victory – Victory Square


One can also find many Soviet era buildings and apartment complexes. Also, this city has some huge beautiful parks.



Though they have a great transport system, I suggest you ¬†hire a taxi to explore this place as it is relatively cheaper. And don’t forget to visit Bishkek’s famous Osh Bazaar, where you can buy from dry fruits to salad.






Few tips: Read the history of Bishkek before visiting this city. It will make your trip more interesting. Food and booze is quite cheap. People are quite friendly and if you know Russian then it will be cherry on the cake. One thing the city authorities really need to work on is – the street lights. If you are planning to take a stroll in the night just be wary of pickpockets.

Well, not every city can be a London or Paris. Bishkek, like any other beautiful city, has its own charm and rhythm. Perhaps it is Bishkek’s great party culture and low cost of living that it is¬†attracting thousands of travelers every year.


White House (presidential office building)


My Article On Issyk-Kul Lake


Hi guys ! You can read my article on Issyk-Kul Lake in the prestigious TLF magazine by downloading the PDF file here. file:///C:/Users/deepa/Desktop/Issyk-Kul%20Lake.pdf

Have you been to this famous and enchanting lake ? If yes, how was your experience ?